Business models
INT strives to integrate and promote the development of display ecosystem,  and facilitate our partners to become domain leaders in their respective industry or fields through joint development, project collaboration, IP licensing and etc.
New Product Development and Prototyping
INT seeks to collaborate with AR/VR solution providers and device makers to define and develop ultra high pixel density display solutions and provide R&D sets with in-house micro-fab capacity to support the development of next generation devices.
Mass Production Total Solution
INT seeks the opportunity to push the uFoLD™ and O'flex™ technology from lab to mass production. With comprehensive experience in AMOLED manufacturing and commercialization, breakthrough on technology and endorsement from ecosystem partners and customers, we have confidence to minimize investment risks and bring ample reward to investors and partners.
Eco-system project Joint Development
INT, together with partners, is dedicated to build a thriving display eco-system by focusing on critical areas. With expertise in pixel management, back plane, front plane and etc., INT can help partners with their transformation plan and assist them to become industry leaders. i.e.
In January 2017, INT and UltraChip formed a joint-venture, UltraDisplay, an AMOLED driver IC design house.
IP Licensing
With focus on uFoLDTM and O'flexTM , INT has a valuable IP portfolio in critical areas of material, equipment, process and design, and covering major global markets. We strive to assist our partners to realize freedom to operate in the global markets.