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Employee Benefits
In INT, employees are not just employees,
but owners and partners of the company.
We sincerely welcome you to join us as partners if you are keen to
- pursue knowledge;
- go beyond the limits;
- learn from failures; and
- make innovative ideas happen.
Human Resource Policies
  • Salary and reward are 20% higher than the industry average.
  • We provide inspiring working environment. We encourage innovations.We encourage our partners to face failure positively and learn from it to grow.
  • We share profits with our partners. Our nonlinear benefit package is designed to encourage team members to create value for the company. We plan to go public in the future, and will carry out attractive equity incentive program to share the company's success in the future.
Salary Structure
  • Basic monthly salary: based on roles and responsibilities.
  • Fixed annual bonus: 2-month-salary paid prior to the Lunar New Year
  • Performance based bonus: Depending on the accomplishment of corporate operational goals. Exp. 2-month-salary on average in the first year (2016).
  • Basic salary of new employees will be reviewed after 3 months according to their performance. In addition, we also conduct annual salary adjustment. A committee decides annual salary adjustment budget and policies based on the external competition and internal fairness, as well as short to medium term strategic goals.
  • Budget of overall annual salary adjustment depends on the accomplishment of annual targets. The higher targets are achieved, the higher budget will be approved. In any case, the partners with excellent performance will be rewarded with above-market-average salary adjustment.

Reward system
  • Performance based bonus policy for links "team performance" and "personal performance" with reward system, and provides pertners with real and appropriate returns to motivate team morale. The benefit package includes fixed annual bonus, performance based bonus and equity incentives for distinguished contribution. For R&D team, we also provide incentive for patent applications and grants
Benefit package for partners
  • We provide better than obligatory physical examination plan to track employee's health status, and provide personalized health advice.
  • We provide free healthy lunch, fruits, and snacks to take care of partners’ health
  • We provide subsidies for social occasions such as wedding, funeral of the family members, hospitalization and etc.
  • We host annual party and provide gifts
  • We have team-building activities and festival events.