INT Tech launched a Native RGB AMOLED Micro-display solution to fulfill the need of ultra-low powered consumption for XR
INT Tech launched a Native RGB AMOLED Micro-display solution to fulfill the need of ultra-low powered consumption for XR Standalone Headset

OLED Industry, 2020-07-07

In January 2020, INT Tech had lightened up the world’s first 0.7” 2300 PPI Native RGB AMOLED display. Their technology made a great leap forwarded again in short meter and successfully demonstrated an ultra-low power consumption near-eye display for XR standalone headsets to meet its low power consumption demands. 
XR or Extended Reality, is a collective term for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and related technologies. XR devices are mainly divided into external (tethered), all-in-one (standalone) and mobile types. Particularly in standalone headsets, it has developed rapidly for its features of flexibility. According to an IDC report, global XR standalone shipments have increased year by year, shipments of VR headset increased from 4% in 2017 to 38% in 2019; shipments of AR headset increased from 20% in 2017 to 54% in 2019. Thanks to the 5G technology and cloud-computing coming, an irresistible trend has seen on the development of cloud XR. Also, the market share of XR standalone headsets will be further increased apparently. Except display performance, the need of power consumption is stricter and harder as well. Thus, a lower power consumption and how to extend elapsed time absolutely are two key demands. 
The unique micro-display solution from INT Tech is native RGB AMOLED, which is not only same structure as the conventional mobile phones’ AMOLED display, but a 5 times PPI(Pixel Per Inch) density has been improved. And comparing to existing uOLED micro-display technology in the market, INT Tech’s solution improved significantly on image quality: 10 times contrast ratio increased, color saturation NTSC(%) demonstrates to 96%, and the brightness can be reached 2000 nits. More importantly, power consumption can significantly be reduced by 50% than any other uOLED in market. INT Tech’s unique solution has ultra-high brightness and ultra-low power consumption, not only meeting the XR applications’ requirement of the high pixel density and high image quality, but the only technology solution to meet the power-saving need of XR standalone headset which enabling a better experience of end users.

With the flexible manufacturing processes, INT Tech’s unique technology solution can separate driver IC into the glass substrate on the backplane which improve the yield rate for manufacturing, reduce the cost of developing a new product, shorter new product development cycle to achieve the customize need and accelerate time to market process. It is the only solution to produce a flexible and transparent display now, providing flexibility and diversity for the next-generation XR solution.
INT Tech was founded in 2016, which represents innovation and transformation. INT Tech’s unique micro-display solution has been integrated optical module and be able to demonstrate video mode now. The performance can fully meet the display requirement for XR terminal products. During the process of researching and developing, INT Tech’s technology has been received extension attraction from international leading companies, which is in the process of discussing the cooperation for technology development and the plan of mass production now. In the meantime, INT Tech continually improving the technology, especially on the lighting efficiency, which has been preliminarily verified in the R&D center. 
In April of this year, INT Tech and Taizhou City had signed a contract planning to move this unique micro-display solution into mass production stage. 

At the upcoming 2020 DIC FORUM (Display Innovation Convention) on July 21st, INT Tech Chairman Dr. Chu will deliver a keynote speech about the trend of 5G XR and microdisplay technology on behalf of Taizhou Guanyu Technology. Also, demonstrating micro-display solution with AR optical module for invitation only. 
To get more information about INT Tech (www.int-tech.com.tw/en/) please contact INT via INT.NBD@int-tech.com.tw