UHPD(TM), a disruptive display technology to fuel the next wave of AR smart glasses

HSINCHU, Taiwan, May 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- INT Tech Co. Ltd., a start-up from Taiwan, is bringing its latest technology -- UHPD™  (Ultra high pixel density) -- and AR display prototypes to AWE 2019 (May 29-31) in Santa Clara, CA.

Digi Capital, a market research firm estimates that the global smart glasses market will surge in 2020, especially when 5G becomes widely available. The growth momentum will mainly be driven by improvement in user experience and emergence of large brands in the market. UHPD™  (Ultra high pixel density), a proprietary display technology for near-eye applications solely developed by INT Tech Co. Ltd., has been viewed as an alternative display solution for smart glasses, and attracts attention from the industry players

UHPD™ (Ultra high pixel density) is a non-silicon based RGB side-by-side AMOLED display technology with a great leap forward in pixel density. The glass substrate makes the display more cost efficient than silicon-based ones, and its eye popping 2,228 PPI RGB side-by-side OLED patterning provides better visual performance compared to WOLED. By improving the optical design, the team also endeavors to simplify AR optical system and makes smart glasses lighter and more compact. It is also feasible to make the display flexible or/and transparent, and be attached to the glasses directly to make the AR design more compact. More importantly and fundamentally, AMOLED is a superior display solution for near-eye applications compared to incumbent displays which used LED as the light source due to its lower hazard blue light emission.

UHPD™ also imposes great advantages in VR applications. First of all, this is a viable technology which offers ultra high pixel density at 2-3 inch displays, thus eliminates screen door effect, increases image sharpness, and enlarges FOV (field of view). By further increasing pixel density, incorporating LTPS-based eye tracking sensors, and combining with light-field technology, UHPD™ will be able to create close-to-real viewing experience and reduce VAC (Vergence Accommodation Conflict) significantly. UHPD™ can also be deployed in high resolution large screen to create glass free VR experience.

To learn more about INT and its technology, please visit website at www.int-tech.com.tw, or contact INT via email at INT.NBD@int-tech.com.tw to schedule a meeting during AWE.